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    Complete WordPress Themes or Simply Inspiration.


    Determining the look of your site can be a daunting task, mainly due to the limitless possibilities of look and functionality. Below you will find a sampling of some of the themes we’ve become familiar with and recommend based on their feature set, looks, and reliability. Each site you see will link to a demo instance of that particular theme so that you can get a feel for the theme and what it allows. While some of these could easily be considered complete with just a swapping out of content and images these themes can also be used as starting points for your unique design as a WordPress child theme.

    Perhaps you are a designer or you already have a design in hand that you are looking to have translated into a website. Considering any additional features you may be looking for we will create a child theme from an appropriate parent theme, usually Canvas as it is extremely flexible or UpFront our friendly drag and drop page-builder theme.

    Go ahead and take a spin through our demos, get in touch with us, and let RTB IT bring your site to life.


    Some of Our Favorites

    Take a look at some of the more complete solutions right out of the box. These themes focus on providing solid homepage layouts that are easy to update and modify. With a few minor changes to content and style you can be up and running in no time with a site the looks, runs, and feels professional.






    From Our Friends at Woothemes

    Below you will find a collection of themes that we have used extensively in the past, and for good reason. These WordPress themes are the product of our partners at Woothemes who have done so well that Automatic simply gobbled them up and their work is becoming core to all of WordPress, including their eCommerce solution WooCommerce. Along with being some of the most future proof themes and plugins out there these are also incredibly useful as the starting point for custom child themes.

    The OnePager





    For the Cause

    The Hub





    Looking to Sell, Sell, Sell?

    We mentioned WooCommerce above but it should also be stated that it is essentially the winner of WordPress eCommerce. While any theme can make use of eCommerce plugins, the following themes are built specifically for that purpose. They integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce and provide out of the box features to make sure we can have you up and selling quickly.


    Pro Shop




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