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    Located in the Heart of NorthEast Minneapolis

    We don't just do local projects, we go where we need to. RTB IT has serviced clients all over the globe due to our unique blend of cost and strategy when it comes to hitting your company's IT goals.

    Services We Offer

    From hardware to sofware and the cloud in-between we tailor solutions to fit your needs. All the while keeping costs down and you out of the IT blackhole so that you can focus on growing your business and bottom line.

    Tailored Solutions

    We can tailor a custom solution for any need that is strategic, scalable, and affordable. That way you can focus on growing your business without the hassle of a maze of IT options.

    Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Make sure your data is protected from the even the most unforeseen disaster, invest in backup and recovery solutions with RTB IT so that you’ll never know the very real pain of data loss.

    Hosted Solutions

    We can offer hosted Exchange and SharePoint servers as well as other custom applications. And since we host them you don’t have to worry about maintenance, backups, or recovery we take care of that and you.


    Remove the need to maintain physical servers and desktops with a virtuialized solution from RTB IT. Simply use the internet to connect to all the tools needed to make your business soar.

    Website Solutions

    We have over 10 years in the web application field using a variety of technologies. More recently focusing economical quick to market Wordpress solutions which are flexible and robust.

    Microsoft Office Solutions

    Now you can have all your favorite Microsoft Office applications in online form with Office 365. Your entire team will have access to the same content from anywhere in the world.

    Let us be your IT department!

    We'll take care of the often times confusing technology and make sure your business is poised to succeed and grow.

    Peace of Mind

    We take all the worry off your shoulders when in comes to your IT setup. Rest assured that you have a team of professionals constantly monitoring your systems making sure things run smoothly and issues are preempted before they become problems.

    Do What You Do

    Why spend all your time in the weeds with a website or server configurations. You got into business to provide your customers the services you are passionate about, so do that and build your bottom line. We will take care of your technology with the same fervor.

    A Partner Who Can Grow With You

    What might be working today will most likely not be the case a few months or a year out. The solutions we offer will allow you to grow scale naturally as business demands.

    About Us

    Your Onshore IT Department

    Client Focussed Solutions

    We will take your requirements along with our best practices and create a solution that fills your needs not ours. Our hope is to create a lasting relationship so that you look to us when things need to change.

    Project Transparency

    You can expect to be provided with a clear step by step timeline for any project as well as costs associated. And collaboration is key, so we welcome questions and input from all parties.

    Excellent Support

    Once we call a project complete, we don't just leave you to your own devices. We have built in and flexible support plans for any project and can be there for you anytime for any reason.

    Our Team

    With decades of combined experience and the full rage of skills we can address your project quickly, expertly, and affordably.


    Proven consultant with expertise and deep experience in small business systems from strategy through to implementation and maintenance. More than 20 years of experience covering both the technology and business workflows in this area. Brings a deep understanding of business process outsourcing, enterprise on-premise solutions, and the migration to cloud solutions. Most recent focus has been on business integration of merging companies.


    An accomplished Logistics and Operations Manager focused on small business growth. Over 20 years of experience in nurturing and developing processes for success. Overseeing software and systems migrations to effectively integrate all departments. Detail oriented and focused on team collaboration.


    Alex has been working directly in IT for over a year. Before that, he was self-taught in general Windows and Linux administration, network engineering, and hardware repair.

    Matt Everhart

    Coming from a background in Enterprise Java development, database layer all the way to the front end window dressing. Matt has experience with a wide rage of technologies and APIs. Many of which have been indispensable tools in custom site development. With detail oriented and client focused solutions in mind, Matt has been writing custom PHP code for WordPress plugins and sites for over five years.

    Focus on your craft, grow, innovate, and let us take care of your technology solutions.