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RTB IT, Inc. Your Full Service IT Department

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We'll take care of the confusing technology and make sure your business is poised to succeed and grow.

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Peace Of Mind

We take the worry off your shoulders when it comes to your IT setup. Rest assured that you have a team of professionals monitoring your systems making sure things run smoothly and issues are preempted before they become problems.

Future with IT

A Partner You Can Grow With

What might be working today may not be the case a few months or years out. The solutions we offer will allow you to grow and scale naturally as business demands. We don't push solutions on you, we simply make sure you are aware of your options.

Enabled by IT

You Do You

You went into business to provide your customers the services you are passionate about, so do just that, and allow us to take care of your technology with the same dedication. We went into the IT business to streamline your IT success.

Our Skills & Expertise

Our team here at RTB IT has over 40 years of combined Networking, Wireless, and Hardware Experience. We specialize in designing networks and workflows for homes, small and medium-sized businesses, offices, and even complete buildings.

Proven expertise in small/medium business systems from strategy through to implementation and maintenance. Deep understanding of business process outsourcing, enterprise on-premise solutions, and the migration to cloud solutions. Our more recent focus has been on business integration of merging companies.

RTB IT deals with clients from all backgrounds and industries like retail, food and beverage, non-profits, oil/gas, manufacturing, legal, and construction. Given our varied client-base, we have tackled a multitude of unique and commonplace problems facing individuals and businesses today.

Our partnerships with small/medium businesses have helped to facilitate bottom line growth, seeing International gross revenue of 100+million for our clients. We help where we are needed whether it be nurturing operations and developing processes for success, or overseeing software and systems migrations to effectively integrate all departments. RTB IT is always detail oriented and focused on team collaboration and success.


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What our clients our are recieving:

  • Network Consultation

  • Office 365

  • Hosting Services

  • Website / Ecommece Development

  • Custom Integrations

  • Hardware Management



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Tickets Resolved This Year

Custom Development -- On the development front RTB IT has over 15 years experience in the arena of full stack custom web development. With an initial background beginning in .NET and Java, projects over the last 6 years have focused mainly on newer JS frameworks, PHP WordPress work, and a variety of custom integrations for our clients.

Client Focused Solutions -- We will take your requirements along with our best practices and create a solution that fills your needs. Our hope is to create a lasting relationship so that you look to us when things need to change.

Project Transparency -- You can expect to be provided with a clear step by step timeline for any project as well as costs associated. And collaboration is key, so we welcome questions and input from all parties.

Excellent Support -- Hardware and software we can help! We have a strong team to assist with almost anything. We are the ones to contact for big or little disasters. Highly skilled in Windows and Linux administration, network engineering, and hardware repair.

Once we call a project complete, we don't just leave you to your own devices. We have built-in flexible support plans for any project and can be there for you anytime, for any reason.

Our Process

IT Opportunities


As with any project, the end result will only be as useful as the requirements that define it.  RTB IT knows how to help you take your high-level requirements, break them down and address them with functional stories and tasks tied to timelines.  Everything from hardware/software evaluations, setup, coding, and testing can all be mapped out prior to project kick-off.  This allows everyone to have a view of the project and where it stands at all times.  We also have decades of experience working with both traditional and Agile methodologies which allows us to seamlessly coordinate with yours or outside teams.


With requirements signed off, the developers and engineers can begin to take a deep dive into the technology options.  While the desired tech stack may already be known there will always be a period of vetting to ensure the most up-to-date solutions and industry standards are met.  New requirements can and do come from this phase, but these are conveyed and incorporated into the project plan as soon as they are known.


Whether it be a network design or a web page layout they both happen here in this apply named phase.  On the hardware side, our network engineers will determine the best course of action for putting everything together and getting it configured, pretty much defining the blueprint of your solution.  When web design is the task we work with you, your designer, our designer, colors you find interesting, other sites you like but "don't want to copy", whatever your inclination might be to get to a look and feel that will make your business stand out.  


With the requirements gathered, technologies analyzed, and designs signed-off on the real fun begins.  Here we take your project and bring it to life, our developers and engineers will piece it together according to the roadmap.  Throughout this step updates and demos will be offered so that you are always aware of how your new tech is shaping up.


It is slightly misleading that this step appears after "Develop" as it takes place at essentially the same time.  Both hardware and software projects require a good test plan to achieve, not just error-free operation, but your business' required goals as well.  We will do our best to break it then fix it, long before your customers get a chance to.


All technology, like people, needs support.  RTB IT will be as involved as you want in the ongoing maintenance of your new solution.  Where applicable we will provide documentation and tutorials on how to use your tech, monitor its performance, handle all the updates, basically be your IT department if needed.   And in the glorious world of IT, usage of the system or website inevitable leads to new requirements and the dance can begin all over again.